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1952-1957: Minneapolis to MA Degree

1952-1954 Philip Lillestol Home, 1314 - 8th Street SE, Minneapolis, perhaps until 1955.

From June Getsug Banet: I remember playing on his grand (1913 Steinway) at the house on 8th St. It was on the 2nd floor, and I'm pretty sure it was in a sunroom at the front of the house. I remember that we didn't go to 8th St. house for very long.

1952 Philip joined the Minnesota Music Teachers Association (MMTA)

St. Thomas Directory, 1961-1963, showing Philip began teaching there in 1952. He was not listed in the 1963-1965 Directory, so he stopped teaching at St. Thomas sometime during 1961-1963.

1952 Philip began teaching piano at St. Thomas, 1952 until sometime between 1961 and 1963.

Music Building at St. Thomas, where Philip was an Instructor in Piano from 1952 to sometime in 1961-1963

June Getsug Banet outside St. Thomas Music Building. Philip's studio was at the upper left (2nd floor).

Waiting Area outside Philip's studio at St. Thomas

View into the room that was Philip's teaching studio at St. Thomas

From June Getsug Banet: The music bldg. of St. Thomas was on the northeast corner of Summit and Cleveland - it's not the music bldg. any longer. I know I was 8 when I first went to him at St. Thomas - I remember that first meeting very clearly. How long we stayed there before going to his place on 8th St., I don't remember.

1954 Sarjae Rice, MMTA Honors -10 Piano, Junior B

1954 June 17: Mrs. Rice’s letter to Philip, her daughter Sarjae was a Junior B Winner, one of 5 MMTA winners Philip had that year.

1955-1956 Phil and a friend Pete rented Bob Laudon’s mother’s house for a year (924 18th Ave. SE). Pete was also a student of languages and Bob believes they spent many days conversing in a foreign language.

1956-1957 Phil lived in an apartment at 432 SE 4th St. in Minneapolis before moving to Florence Court.

1956-1961 Philip an Instructor in Piano at the University of MN. His studio was in Room 6 of the Music Education Building.

Music Education Building at University of Minnesota where Philip taught

Entrance to Music Education Building at University of Minnesota

Music Education Building at University of Minnesota now closed to public

From June Getsug Banet: He gave me some lessons at the music bldg. across the street from U-High on the U campus for a very short time. I was preparing for a concert - I'm not sure which one - and we went there almost every day.

1957 April 11: Janet Soderstrom, MMTA 10-piano winner in 14-15 year old age group. Article in Columbia Heights Record.

1957 August 22: Lillestol Master of Arts Diploma, U of MN

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