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1957-1963: Teaching in Minneapolis

1957 Philip began teaching piano at Hamline, 1957-1959

Hamline University Bulletin, 1958-1960, showing Philip started teaching there in 1957. He is in the Hamline Directory for the 1957-58 and 1958-59 academic years, but not the years before or after, so taught there only those two years. His studio was in the Drew Fine Arts Building, Rm. 113 for '57-'58, and Rm. 112 for '58-'59.

Drew Fine Arts Building, Hamline.
Drew Fine Arts Building, Hamline. Rm. 113 (left) was Philip's teaching studio for '57-'58, and Rm. 112 (right) for '58-'59.

1957 Paul Freed joins faculty at U of MN. From Bob Laudon: Paul Freed and Phil were friends on several levels. They both came from ND, they both had been students in Europe, they both spoke several languages, they both produced prize winners in contests, they both had high standards of performance for their students.

Old Main, Hamline University. Bridgman Hall, where Philip's 1958 recital took place, is on the 2nd floor.

Bridgman Hall, Old Main, Hamline University, where Philip's 1958 recital took place.
Lillestol - Hamline Faculty Recital, Bridgman Hall in Old Main, December 2, 1958

1958 December 2: Lillestol - Hamline Faculty Recital (Couperin, Mozart, Pathetique, Fauré, Franck) The Couperin, Fauré, and Franck are new additions to his repertoire after his time in France.

From Bob Laudon: The question arises, where did Phil learn this? Did he study piano with Mme. de Lacour as well as harpsichord. I rather think so. But proof?

Huguette Dreyfus, more recent photo, from a French Google search by Robert Laudon

Huguette Dreyfus (whom Bob Laudon met briefly after a concert) was a student of Gerlin, another very musical person. How much contact Phil might have had with others than his official teacher is an interesting question.

1958 December Chiuminatto Letter - Philip then teaching piano at St. Thomas, Hamline, & U of MN

1958 December 16: Lillestol - St. Thomas Faculty Recital (Couperin, Mozart, Pathetique, Fauré, Franck)

1957-2001 Philip Lillestol's Home, Florence Court, 1000 University Avenue, (1913 Steinway)

From Wayne Peterson: During my graduate school days 1957 to 1959 my wife and I would have dinner at Phil’s and Paul Freed would be there. (From Bob Laudon: Phil had a special chicken dish that he liked to prepare for people.)

From June Getsug Banet: I remember that when I played with the St. Thomas concert band he was living on 10th. Right after that concert (May 1957) I auditioned for Mr. Cook who was the conductor of the Rochester (MN) Symphony Orchestra, and it was at the 10th Ave. row house.

Philip Lillestol Home, 1957-2001, Florence Court
June Getsug Banet in entryway to Florence Court apartment
Hallway outside Florence Court apartment
Stairway outside Florence Court apartment
Bannister outside Florence Court apartment
Reinforced Apartment Door, Florence Court
Close-up of reinforced Apartment Door, Florence Court
Hinge on entryway door, Florence Court

From Bob Laudon: Florence Court is on the list of historic places. The Minnesota Historical Society has an office devoted to this list. It was the home of Harlow Stearns Gale, music critic, psychologist, amateur cellist, etc. etc. He had a Stube (everything was expressed in German after his time spent with Wilhelm Wundt, the founder of modern experimental psychology) in his rooms at Florence Court where they did chamber music. Since his birthday was only 1 day removed from that of Donald Nivison Ferguson, they celebrated both in the rooms and in the grove of Florence Court with an all-day festival of music. I have an extended essay "Gales of Music" on the early pioneer settlers, Harlow Augustus and Samuel Chester Gales and their two musical sons. Harlow Stearns Gale compared Florence Court to the buildings in Stratford-on-Avon.

Philip at his sister's, Duluth, Minnesota, 1960

1961 Parents’ 40th Anniversary Photo with North Dakota homestead.

1961 Elizabeth Wolff, Young Artist Soloist, MMTA Honors Concert - Mendelssohn - Rondo Capriccioso

From Liz Wolff: I was a student of Philip Lillestol from 1958 through June of 1961. I had two lessons a week for those 3 years. And I did win something but quite frankly I don't know which year. Probably the last one. The repertoire was to be the Schubert Andante and Variations in B Flat from the Impromptus, but I played the Rondo Capriccioso of Mendelssohn. I remember it was in Northrop Auditorium. I came in second. I believe my eventual Two Piano Partner, Joanne Sturman won first prize. Around the same time, there was a concerto competition. By mistake I was put with the Minneapolis contestants instead of the St. Paul group. Philip was simply not interested in the externals of it all, so when he told me that I would get an ironic letter of both congratulations and disqualification from the Minneapolis Symphony as I believed it was called then, only the congratulations seemed significant to him.

This was my Mom's favorite story: at my audition, Philip offered me some goat milk, which I did indeed refuse, but it seems he was addicted, since every lesson, or almost every lesson, he always had his glass of goat milk sit with him.

He gave me a life of music! His memory should continue on. The photos are merely a visual memory, but the lessons themselves will never fade.

1963 May 22: June Getsug Performance

1963 June Getzug, Young Artist Soloist, MMTA Honors Concert - performed, piece?

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